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Agentive revolutionizes the audit process through its AI-powered audit software designed to boost performance and efficiency. By adopting machine learning technology and sophisticated AI algorithms, Agentive automates the extraction and analysis of structured data from audit files. The platform offers the convenience of reusable procedure templates, making auditing seamless and less repetitive. Additionally, Agentive's ability to trace each piece of data back to its source with a single click ensures full transparency and trust in the audit results. It is equipped to interpret a wide range of audit evidence formats supplied by clients, allowing for a more adaptable and client-friendly approach.

How Agentive - AI-powered Auditing can help you:

  • Streamlines audit procedures with customizable and reusable templates.
  • Automates structured data extraction, reducing manual efforts.
  • Offers AI-assisted identification and matching of attributes in audit evidence.
  • Ensures quick verification by linking data values directly back to their sources.
  • Supports a variety of formats for audit evidence, facilitating flexibility to clients' needs.

Why choose Agentive - AI-powered Auditing: Key features

  • Utilizes the latest machine learning and large language AI models.
  • Simplifies audits and improves the efficiency of data analysis.
  • Enhances accuracy by minimizing human error in data handling.
  • Saves time by automating routine audit tasks.

Who should choose Agentive - AI-powered Auditing:

  • Auditors looking to automate and optimize their auditing process.
  • Accounting firms seeking to improve their audit performance.
  • Enterprises aiming to adopt technology-driven auditing solutions.
  • Anyone requiring a more efficient and reliable way to handle audit evidence.

About Agentive

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February 9, 2024


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