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AnythingLLM is the ultimate enterprise-ready business intelligence tool made for your organization, offering unlimited LLM control, multi-user support, and complete privacy.

How AnythingLLM can help you: 

  • Install as a single application with one-click on your desktop for MacOS, Linux, and Windows systems. 
  • Ensure full privacy with desktop application running without internet connectivity, only connecting to services you explicitly authorize. 
  • Support for custom models and enterprise models like GPT-4, open-source models like Llama, Mistral, and more, avoiding lock-in with a single LLM provider. 
  • Work with unlimited documents including PDFs, word documents, and more, supporting your business's varied documentation needs. 
  • Customize appearance and utilize a full developer API for full customization according to your needs. 

Why choose AnythingLLM: Key features 

  • One-click installation for ease of use. 
  • 100% privacy focus with fully private operations. 
  • Support for unlimited documents and customization. 
  • Flexible use across different operating systems. 
  • Access to a wide range of models without provider lock-in. 

Who should choose AnythingLLM:

  • Businesses seeking a robust enterprise-ready business intelligence tool. 
  • Organizations requiring 100% privacy and control over their language models. 
  • Teams looking for comprehensive documentation support beyond PDFs. 
  • Developers needing full customization and developer API access. 
  • Any user needing an across-platform solution that supports MacOS, Linux, and Windows. 

About AnythingLLM

Release Date

April 30, 2024


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