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Avanty is a Chrome extension that helps data analysts in Metabase to write, edit, understand and comment SQL queries faster.

How Avanty can help you: 

  • Generates SQL from natural language, understanding your schema. 
  • Allows for natural language editing of SQL queries, improving workflow efficiency. 
  • Automatically generates chart titles, saving you from naming hassles. 
  • Provides smart error debugging for SQL queries. 
  • Breaks down complicated SQL queries into manageable explanations. 
  • Formats SQL queries for better readability. 
  • Enables the addition of generated comments to SQL queries, improving teamwork. 
  • Designed for keyboard-first operation, making it seamless to use. 

Why choose Avanty: Key features 

  • AI-powered SQL query generation and editing. 
  • Smart error detection and debugging tools. 
  • Automatic chart title generation. 
  • SQL query breakdown and smart explanations. 
  • Query formatting and comment generation for improved readability and team communication. 
  • Keyboard-first design for efficient workflow. 

Who should choose Avanty:

  • Data analysts working in Metabase environments. 
  • Teams looking to streamline their SQL workflow. 
  • Individuals seeking to learn or improve SQL skills through interactive tools and assistance. 

About Avanty

Release Date

March 20, 2024


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