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AYLIEN offers an advanced News API for comprehensive news data as a service, utilizing AI and NLP for efficient news aggregation, search, and analysis.

How AYLIEN can help you: 

  • Instant access to 90,000 sources and 1.3M NLP enriched news articles every day. 
  • AI-powered search to filter out noise and surface relevant information with over 4,500 category and industry tags. 
  • Data visualizations for real-time insights and trend analysis. 
  • Streamline news data integration into applications and reporting. 

Why choose AYLIEN: Key features 

  • Access to a vast array of global news content and data in real-time and historically. 
  • NLP powered tags and enrichments for accurate search and discovery. 
  • Advanced analytics features for trend and critical insights identification. 
  • Efficient workflow integration and stakeholder reporting capacity. 

Who should choose AYLIEN:

  • Analyst and data teams in need of enriched news data for business insights. 
  • Organizations requiring real-time news monitoring and search capabilities. 
  • Users looking for comprehensive news analysis and visualization tools. 
  • Businesses seeking to integrate news data with applications or models for informed decision-making. 


Release Date

March 20, 2024


Free Trial


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