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Unlock the Power of Bulk AI Automation with BulkGPT: a no-code platform for data scraping & AI workflows, designed to amplify your growth and profitability effortlessly.

How BulkGPT can help you: 

  • Automate bulk content creation and SEO optimizations. 
  • Generate persuasive product descriptions for e-commerce platforms. 
  • Conduct batch processing of customer reviews for insight and improvement. 
  • Create personalized marketing content for targeted promotions. 
  • Simplify data scraping and extraction processes. 
  • Run ChatGPT in bulk with easy CSV upload for prompts. 

Why choose BulkGPT: Key features 

  • No-code AI Workflow Builder to chain together various jobs. 
  • Ability to submit up to 5000 tasks in one bulk request. 
  • Super fast parallel processing with up to 10 threads. 
  • Asynchronous processing in the cloud. 
  • Support for multiple input and output formats including CSV, JSON, and more. 

Who should choose BulkGPT:

  • SEO professionals and content creators looking for bulk automation. 
  • E-commerce businesses in need of bulk product descriptions. 
  • Marketers aiming for personalized content creation. 
  • Data analysts and researchers seeking efficient data scraping tools. 
  • Any professional or organization aiming to leverage bulk AI capabilities for growth. 

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