A conversational AI tool designed to enhance understanding of Bitcoin technology and history.

How ChatBTC can help you: 

  • Provides insights into Bitcoin technology and its evolution. 
  • Explains complex Bitcoin concepts in simpler terms. 
  • Offers knowledge sourced from reputable Bitcoin communities and documentation. 
  • Enables interactive learning through conversations with AI personas. 

Why choose ChatBTC: Key features 

  • Content based on technical Bitcoin sources like the bitcoin-dev mailing list and Bitcoin StackExchange. 
  • Conversations with AI representations of Bitcoin influencers for diverse perspectives. 
  • Updated information from various Bitcoin development and research sources. 
  • User-friendly interface for engaging and informative dialogues. 

Who should choose ChatBTC:

  • Enthusiasts looking to deepen their understanding of Bitcoin. 
  • Students and researchers interested in the technology behind cryptocurrencies. 
  • Anyone curious about the historical development of Bitcoin. 

About ChatBTC

Release Date

March 20, 2024



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