Create AI chatbots that feel human. Train them on your own data and get a super-smart chatbot. No code needed.

How Chunky can help you: 

  • Automate your customer support, closing deals on auto-pilot. 
  • Eliminate repetitive query responses with a 24/7 online AI chatbot. 
  • Train your chatbot easily with your own data through PDF uploads or website scraping. No coding required. 
  • Integrate the AI chatbot seamlessly into your website or share a public link for testing purposes. 

Why choose Chunky: Key features 

  • No credit card required to start. 
  • Supports creation of multiple chatbots for varied needs. 
  • Enables easy chatbots' conversation tracking and tweaking. 
  • Offers support for close to 95 languages, broadening your chatbot's accessibility. 
  • Customizable chatbot appearance to match your website branding. 

Who should choose Chunky:

  • Businesses aiming to automate customer support. 
  • Teams looking to enhance lead generation through AI chatbots. 
  • Individuals wanting a no-code solution for creating sophisticated AI chatbots. 
  • Websites needing a 24/7 chatbot for handling inquiries and engagement. 

About Chunky

Release Date

March 20, 2024




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