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Databricks Lakehouse Platform

Databricks Lakehouse Platform

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Lakehouse architecture combines the best of data lakes and data warehouses to help you reduce costs and deliver any AI use case.

How Databricks Lakehouse Platform can help you: 

  • Unifies data, analytics, and AI to accelerate decision-making. 
  • Reduces costs by combining data lakes and data warehouses into a single platform. 
  • Supports both structured and unstructured data, improving data accessibility. 
  • Facilitates data governance, sharing, and analytics in one integrated approach. 

Why choose Databricks Lakehouse Platform: Key features 

  • Built on open source and open standards, ensuring data is under your control. 
  • Automatic optimization for performance and storage, lowering total cost of ownership. 
  • Support for Python and SQL, notebooks and IDEs, batch and streaming, and all major cloud providers. 
  • Global support through the Databricks Partner Network and proprietary solutions like Delta Sharing for secure data sharing. 

Who should choose Databricks Lakehouse Platform:

  • Data scientists and engineers looking for a unified platform for data, analytics, and AI. 
  • Organizations aiming to reduce IT costs while improving data processing capabilities. 
  • Businesses seeking to leverage open source technology for data management and AI initiatives. 
  • Enterprises requiring scalable solutions for data storage and analytics across various cloud providers. 

About Databricks Lakehouse Platform

Release Date

March 20, 2024


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