Freemium reinvents the dating app experience by integrating AI matchmakers like Eva who assist users in finding suitable dates without the need for endless swiping. The platform maintains a balanced 50:50 gender ratio and emphasizes user privacy with encrypted conversations. As a progressive web app, facilitates secure downloading and offers a video speed dating feature to help users get to know potential matches before meeting in person. The service is focused on genuine connections, free from bots, fake accounts, and monetary gimmicks.

How can help you:

  • Simplifies the dating process with AI matchmakers who find compatible partners for you.
  • Saves time by eliminating the need to swipe through profiles for hours.
  • Ensures a balanced user experience with a controlled gender ratio.
  • Protects user privacy with secure and private communication.
  • Provides opportunities for real-time interaction with video speed dating.
  • Promotes a positive and fun environment by monitoring and banning bad behavior with AI.

Why choose Key features

  • AI Driven Matchmaking: Utilizes vector searching, semantic text analysis, and Named Entity Recognition (NER) for accurate matches.
  • Secure & Private: Features encrypted conversations for user privacy.
  • Video Speed Dating: Offers the chance to video call with matches before meeting in person.
  • Connection Focused: Prioritizes genuine matches over profit-making schemes.
  • No Bots/Fake Accounts: Implements verification checks for real interactions.
  • Positive & Fun: Monitors behavior with AI to maintain a respectful community.

Who should choose

  • Singles seeking a more efficient and AI-powered approach to dating.
  • Individuals looking for secure and genuine connections without the hassle of traditional swiping apps.
  • Users who value privacy and safe online dating environments.
  • Those interested in leveraging technology for compatibility and seeking real conversations.



About DatesAI

Release Date

February 9, 2024



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