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The platform where better, faster decisions happen. Assisted decisions, async teamwork, and accessible choices.

How Decision can help you: 

  • Facilitates brainstorming options with ease. 
  • Enhances writing and communication confidence. 
  • Provides instant access to key facts for faster understanding. 
  • Improves decision quality through insights from past experiences. 
  • Offers different perspectives with proven decision-making frameworks. 
  • Allows for integration with unlimited tools for streamlined workflow. 
  • Keeps communication organized through full-context channels. 
  • Enables decision making at your own pace, reducing meeting dependencies. 
  • Preserves organizational knowledge, preventing loss through employee turnover. 

Why choose Decision: Key features 

  • AI-powered assistant to support decision-making processes. 
  • Organized communication channels for clarity and context. 
  • Async teamwork support for flexible collaboration. 
  • Integration capabilities with no limits for enhanced productivity. 
  • Traceable history feature to preserve and access decision knowledge. 

Who should choose Decision:

  • Teams looking to streamline decision-making and increase productivity. 
  • Individuals seeking clarity and support in their decision-making processes. 
  • Organizations aiming to preserve knowledge and improve decision quality. 
  • Any professional looking to reduce meeting time and decide at their own pace. 

About Decision

Release Date

April 30, 2024


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