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Dezbor is a no-code dashboard and admin panel builder that utilizes AI to streamline the creation process, making it accessible for users without coding skills.

How Dezbor can help you: 

  • Facilitates the creation of custom dashboards and admin panels without the need for coding knowledge. 
  • Offers seamless integration with various data sources such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Google Sheets, and Airtable. 
  • Provides AI assistance for query optimization, flaw identification, and actionable suggestions. 
  • Supports collaboration, allowing teams to work together effortlessly on dashboard customization. 
  • Enables users to drag & drop elements for easy dashboard creation. 

Why choose Dezbor: Key features 

  • AI-powered query optimization and suggestion system. 
  • Easy integration with popular data sources. 
  • Customizable logic and actions for beyond data display. 
  • Collaborative features for team projects. 
  • User-friendly drag & drop interface. 

Who should choose Dezbor:

  • Business analysts and data scientists looking for a no-code solution for dashboard creation. 
  • Teams in need of a collaborative tool for data visualization projects. 
  • Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) seeking to leverage data for decision making without heavy IT infrastructure. 
  • Non-technical users who want to create and customize dashboards without learning to code. 

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