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Einstein AI leverages customer data within the Salesforce platform to create AI experiences tailored to business needs. It offers predictive and generative AI across the Customer 360, allowing businesses to utilize conversational AI and craft engaging, data-driven customer journeys. Einstein AI is designed with security and trust in mind, ensuring ethical AI use and data protection.

How Einstein AI can help you:

  • Improve productivity by automating business processes and decision-making.
  • Offer personalized customer service by surfacing relevant information and predictive insights.
  • Enhance sales performance with AI-generated emails and sales call summaries.
  • Drive personalized marketing strategies using AI-based customer journey customization.
  • Increase ecommerce conversions through relevant product recommendations and descriptions.
  • Create customized AI assistants with Einstein Copilot to streamline CRM activities.

Why choose Einstein AI: Key features

  • Predictive insights that drive productivity and personalization.
  • Generative AI that crafts content and conversations based on customer data.
  • Multifaceted applications across sales, service, marketing, and ecommerce.
  • Extensible AI platform that integrates diverse large language models.
  • The Einstein Trust Layer secures sensitive data while delivering AI capabilities.
  • Ethical AI design principles upheld by the Salesforce Ethics team.

Who should choose Einstein AI:

  • Businesses of all sizes looking to boost productivity with AI-powered automation.
  • Customer-facing roles seeking to enrich customer engagement and support.
  • Sales teams requiring real-time predictions and actionable insights.
  • Marketers aiming to customize interactions and optimize customer journeys.
  • Ecommerce operations looking to create sophisticated, AI-driven shopping experiences.
  • CRM users wanting to build and deploy conversational AI assistants tailored to their needs.

About Einstein AI

Release Date

February 9, 2024


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