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Identify over 16,000 plant species effortlessly with the AI-supported Flora Incognita app, contributing to citizen science and expanding your plant knowledge.

How Flora Incognita can help you: 

  • Effortlessly identify more than 16,000 plant species using your mobile device. 
  • Contribute valuable data to science by saving your plant observations.
  • Expand your knowledge with extensive plant fact sheets, covering characteristics, protection status, and distribution. 
  • Use the app for educational purposes in schools, universities, and nature conservation initiatives without worrying about cost or ads.

Why choose Flora Incognita: Key features 

  • AI-supported plant identification promotes accurate and swift species recognition.
  • The ability to save observations aids in the global effort of tracking and understanding plant species.
  • Extensive plant fact sheets offer deep insights into plant life, enhancing educational value.
  • Completely free of charge and devoid of advertising, making it accessible to all users.

Who should choose Flora Incognita:

  • Students and educators in search of a reliable plant identification tool for learning or teaching purposes. 
  • Nature conservationists and enthusiasts interested in contributing to science while exploring plant diversity.
  • Researchers and scientists requiring a comprehensive database for plant species study and documentation.

About Flora incognita

Release Date

February 16, 2024



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