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Transform your long audio and video content into engaging short clips effortlessly with Flowjin, an AI-powered video editing tool designed for non-editors.

How Flowjin can help you: 

  • Converts lengthy content into structured, topic-based chapters and highlights. 
  • Automatically clips your content ready for sharing on social platforms like YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Instagram.
  • Enhances your clips with automatically generated titles, descriptions, and keywords for seamless publishing. 
  • Empowers your content with features like speaker-spot video resizing, automatic captions, and AI speaker detection.

Why choose Flowjin: Key features 

  • Precision resizing and framing to keep the speaker in focus. 
  • Automatic caption generation for enhanced accessibility and engagement.
  • Cutting-edge AI speaker detection and audiogram generator. 
  • Personalized, branded templates for captivating content creation.
  • Effortlessly generates compelling snippets and short clips from your content.

Who should choose Flowjin:

  • Content creators looking to repurpose long-form recordings into short, social-ready videos. 
  • Digital marketers aiming to enhance their social media presence with dynamic video content.
  • Podcasters and educators seeking to reach a broader audience through engaging video snippets.

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