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Contact for Pricing

Maximize efficiency with Freeday's AI digital employees, designed to automate routine tasks and enhance customer service.

How Freeday can help you: 

  • Automate standard finance operations such as interactions, sorting, checks, extraction, and documentation. 
  • Boost the productivity of your Customer Service with AI-powered digital employees. 
  • Improve ID and document screening processes with advanced generative AI capabilities. 
  • Handle up to 90% of repetitive interactions across mail and chat instantly.
  • Enhance support efficiency with real-time digital employee assistance.
  • Optimize customer service strategies by leveraging data-driven insights.
  • Achieve seamless integration within enterprise systems for a cohesive workflow.

Why choose Freeday: Key features 

  • Enterprise-level security ensuring safe and secure automation processes.
  • Omnichannel automation for comprehensive coverage across different communication platforms.
  • Substantial cost reduction, cutting expenses by at least 50%.
  • Seamless integration capabilities with existing business systems.
  • Data-driven strategies for continuous improvement and optimization.

Who should choose Freeday:

  • Enterprises looking to automate routine finance and customer service tasks efficiently.
  • Organizations aiming to enhance their customer service experience through AI technology.
  • Businesses seeking to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs through automation.
  • Companies requiring secure and scalable solutions for automating repetitive tasks.

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