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GigaBrain is an innovative tool designed to sift through billions of comments on Reddit and other online forums to find the most relevant discussions and answers for its users.

How GigaBrain can help you: 

  • Scans billions of discussions on Reddit and other communities for useful posts and comments. 
  • Automatically threads together the most useful answers with source citations. 
  • Combines human feedback with advanced language models to provide credible answers. 
  • Highlights products and places discussed, allowing rapid collection of feedback and opinions. 
  • Offers a Google search feature that returns useful comments from vast discussions. 

Why choose GigaBrain: Key features 

  • Comprehensive Reddit search that delivers real results. 
  • Ability to fine-tune results by rating comments based on relevance. 
  • Saves useful content in a searchable archive for easy access. 
  • Option to post questions through GigaPost to multiple relevant subreddits. 
  • Early access to new features aimed at uncovering real opinions from communities. 

Who should choose GigaBrain:

  • Researchers looking for authentic discussions and opinions. 
  • Consumers seeking genuine feedback on products and services. 
  • Students and professionals requiring insights from real-world experiences. 
  • Marketers and business owners wanting to gauge public perception. 

About Giga Brain

Release Date

March 20, 2024


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