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Gitlab code suggestions

Gitlab code suggestions

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GitLab Code Suggestions accelerates coding by providing AI-powered assistance directly within your development environment, ensuring privacy and productivity.

How GitLab Code Suggestions can help you: 

  • Accelerates coding by predictively completing code blocks and defining function logic. 
  • Generates tests and proposes common code patterns like regex, enhancing productivity. 
  • Ensures privacy-first AI, keeping your proprietary source code secure. 
  • Offers support in 14 languages, tailoring suggestions to your workflow. 
  • Integrates seamlessly with your IDE of choice, including GitLab Web IDE, VS Code, and more. 

Why choose GitLab Code Suggestions: Key features 

  • AI-assisted coding suggestions tailored to various programming languages. 
  • Privacy-centric design that respects your code’s confidentiality. 
  • Wide IDE compatibility, meeting developers in their environment of choice. 
  • Support for self-managed GitLab instances for enhanced control. 
  • Continuous improvements in suggestion quality through new prompt engineering. 

Who should choose GitLab Code Suggestions:

  • Developers seeking to accelerate their coding process. 
  • Teams prioritizing privacy and security in their development workflow. 
  • Organizations requiring wide language support and IDE compatibility. 
  • Self-managed GitLab instance users looking for secure, AI-powered code assistance. 

About Gitlab code suggestions

Release Date

March 20, 2024


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