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GoodVision offers end-to-end solutions for traffic management challenges, combining cutting-edge AI technology with big data insights to automate and optimize the entire process. This tool facilitates accurate traffic data collection, seamless traffic model calibration, and precise real-time traffic event analysis, leading to smarter urban planning and adaptive traffic control. By mitigating congestion, pollution, and economic losses commonly associated with heavy traffic, GoodVision supports municipalities in creating more efficient and safer cities.

How GoodVision can help you:

  • Collect traffic data effortlessly for surveys.
  • Save time with automated traffic model calibration.
  • Provide detailed traffic event information for control systems.
  • Improve urban planning with precise traffic insights.
  • Reduce traffic congestion, pollution, and related economic losses.

Why choose GoodVision: Key features

  • Automated tools for all stages of traffic projects.
  • Utilizes AI for advanced traffic data collection.
  • Results in more accurate traffic modeling.
  • Enhances real-time traffic control.
  • Supports the creation of smarter, less congested cities.

Who should choose GoodVision:

  • Municipalities dealing with traffic management problems.
  • Traffic engineers and urban planners seeking to improve traffic flow and safety.
  • Researchers requiring reliable data for traffic studies.
  • Any professional in charge of traffic projects looking for an automated and intelligent solution.

About GoodVision

Release Date

February 9, 2024


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