Grammarly's AI writing tool helps users to compose better email communications, persuasive texts, and professional proposals. It offers real-time suggestions to refine the clarity, tone, and persuasiveness of your writing, ensuring messages are effectively conveyed. In the business sphere, it can amend email texts to amplify the call to action, assist in crafting project proposals, and even optimize Slack messages with timely reminders or deadlines. Furthermore, Grammarly offers substantial ROI for organizations by improving overall communication efficiency, which translates into cost savings and productivity benefits while ensuring data privacy.

How Grammarly can help you:

  • Helps you find the right words for emails and professional communication.
  • Streamlines writing and editing processes for various writing tasks.
  • Enhances the persuasiveness and clarity of your written projects.
  • Provides real-time suggestions for adding important details such as deadlines.

Why choose Grammarly: Key features

  • Advanced AI that offers writing suggestions to improve the quality of text.
  • Helps organizations save on average $5,000 per employee per year.
  • Ensures data privacy while increasing workplace productivity.
  • Reduces email backlogs and improves team communication focus.

Who should choose Grammarly:

  • Professionals crafting business communications and proposals.
  • Teams aiming to boost productivity and communication efficacy.
  • Organizations looking to maximize ROI on writing quality and efficiency.
  • Individuals needing assistance with finding appropriate words and phrasing for various writing contexts.

About Grammarly

Release Date

February 9, 2024



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