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Generative AI to make your networking more meaningful, utilizing the power of AI for precision networking and smarter engagement.

How Humancircles can help you: 

  • Unleash the potential of LinkedIn search with precise, AI-driven match recommendations.
  • Develop meaningful connections quickly with hyper-personalized engagement messages.
  • Facilitate effortless networking for various needs such as fundraising, career guidance, hiring, and more.

Why choose Humancircles: Key features 

  • Generative AI for accurate networking match predictions.
  • Seamless integration with LinkedIn for comprehensive search capabilities.
  • Customizable engagement messages for personalized communication.

Who should choose Humancircles:

  • Startup founders seeking fundraising opportunities.
  • Professionals looking for career guidance or networking opportunities.
  • Companies in need of hiring or outsourcing talent.
  • Businesses aiming to develop strategic partnerships.

About Humancircles

Release Date

March 20, 2024


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