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Simplify legal documents with AI-powered plain English translations.

How Legalese Decoder can help you: 

  • Translates legal documents into plain English, making them easier to understand.
  • Identifies key terms and concepts in legal documents and provides clear definitions.
  • Utilizes AI, NLP, and machine learning to analyze and rephrase complex legal language.
  • Accessible as a web application on both desktop and mobile browsers.

Why choose Legalese Decoder: Key features 

  • No registration required, offering user-friendly access.
  • Supports a wide range of legal documents including contracts, agreements, and more.
  • Free to use, making legal document understanding accessible to everyone.
  • Future plans for availability on Android and iOS devices as a native app.

Who should choose Legalese Decoder:

  • Non-lawyers who need to understand legal documents quickly and easily.
  • Business users looking to comprehend contracts and agreements without legal help.
  • Anyone involved in loan contracts, car leases, mortgage financing, and other legal agreements seeking clarity.

About Legalese Decoder

Release Date

March 20, 2024



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