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Reach streamlines sales processes by leveraging AI to monitor and analyze multiple data sources for relevant lead and account-based triggers, enabling sales teams to connect with potential clients at the most opportune moments.

How Magicreach can help you: 

  • Automates the monitoring of leads across various data sources to identify relevant events without manual effort. 
  • Filters out the noise by notifying only about the significant, relevant events related to your leads. 
  • Delivers daily notifications detailing who to contact and why, based on clear trigger events for quick, relevant outreach. 
  • Generates personalized AI emails tailored to the specific triggers found, enhancing the relevancy of your messages. 
  • Provides AI-driven insights and relevance scoring to prioritize high-potential leads and relevant trigger events. 

Why choose Magicreach: Key features 

  • AI-generated copy for fast, personalized outreach. 
  • Daily trigger monitoring across LinkedIn, Jobs, Tech Stacks, and more to surface the best leads. 
  • AI insights that offer a deeper understanding of each lead by analyzing multiple data sources. 
  • Intelligent AI relevance scoring to quickly identify the highest priority triggers. 
  • Integration capabilities with popular CRM and email sequencing software for streamlined processes. 

Who should choose Magicreach:

  • Sales teams looking to enhance their pipeline with qualified prospects through relevant sales triggers. 
  • Business Development Representatives (BDRs) aiming to increase engagement with high-intent leads. 
  • Organizations seeking to fill their sales pipeline more efficiently by prioritizing relevance over volume. 
  • Sales professionals eager to reengage dormant leads at the optimal time with personalized outreach. 

About Magicreach

Release Date

March 20, 2024


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