myEssai is more than just an editing tool; it's an AI-powered essay tutor that offers personalized, actionable suggestions to elevate the quality of student essays. Unlike standard proofreading tools, myEssai focuses on providing feedback that is specific, relevant, and clear, making it an ideal solution for students seeking help during the writing process. Its accessibility and instant feedback features address common issues such as inaccessibility to professors, vague feedback, and expensive private tutors.

How myEssai can help you:

  • Delivers instant, detailed feedback on essays
  • Offers highly specific and actionable suggestions
  • Provides ideas and guidance when you're stuck
  • Gives feedback that is specific, relevant, understandable, and timely

Why choose myEssai: Key features

  • Free to start, with no credit card required
  • Instant feedback at any time
  • Helps students improve essay quality for better grades
  • Provides more focused assistance than generic tools like Grammarly

Who should choose myEssai:

  • Students looking for regular, detailed essay feedback
  • Those seeking a free and quick solution for essay help
  • Individuals who find it challenging to get timely feedback from teachers
  • Anyone who needs specific, actionable writing guidance
  • Students and teachers who require a scalable solution for multiple essay reviews

About myEssai

Release Date

February 9, 2024



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