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A private platform for saving and organizing notes, images, quotes, and highlights with AI assistance.

How MyMind can help you: 

  • Automatically organizes your saved items without the need for manual categorization. 
  • Enhances recall by understanding and remembering important details for you. 
  • Offers a search engine experience within your own collections, providing instant access to your items based on associative search and visual cues. 
  • Creates a distraction-free reading environment by removing clutter, ads, and pop-ups from saved articles. 
  • Enables the creation of Smart Spaces for auto-sorted collections based on your terms. 

Why choose MyMind: Key features 

  • Intuitive AI that understands the content of your saves. 
  • Visual and associative search capabilities to find items quickly. 
  • Privacy-first approach, ensuring your collections remain private and secure. 
  • Beautiful, simple design that respects natural thought and work processes. 
  • User-friendly interface for frictionless note-taking and bookmarking. 

Who should choose MyMind:

  • Individuals seeking a private and efficient way to save and organize digital information. 
  • Professionals across various fields like design, writing, and research needing a central hub for their ideas and resources. 
  • Anyone looking to declutter their digital life while retaining quick access to their important information. 

About MyMind

Release Date

March 20, 2024


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