Freemium is a comprehensive workplace tool that caters to the need for efficient meeting management. Loved by over 40,000 users, it provides AI-driven services to transform every meeting into actionable tasks, ensuring that meetings result in productivity rather than just conversation. With, users can instantly create to-do lists from meetings, auto-generate summaries for quick insights, and capture every detail with accurate transcriptions. The tool facilitates effective team collaboration and saves significant time by automating meeting follow-ups and providing context-aware notes.

How can help you:

  • Automatically generates to-do lists from the content of meetings for immediate action.
  • Quickly organizes tasks to facilitate prioritization and productivity improvements.
  • Provides AI-driven summaries of meetings for efficient review and record-keeping.
  • Saves time with AI follow-ups, freeing users from extensive note-taking during meetings.
  • Offers high-accuracy (95%) meeting transcriptions with searchable and shareable content.
  • Increases team collaboration by simplifying the sharing of meetings, webinars, and call content.

Key features of

  • Actionable item tracking from conversations to ensure meetings lead to productivity.
  • Elevated productivity with AI-generated to-do lists tailored to the specific needs of users.
  • Time saving by reducing manual work in capturing meeting details, estimated at 1 hour per meeting.
  • 50% productivity growth for teams through enhanced collaboration tools.
  • Integration with Google Docs for streamlined document management.
  • Testimonials from users highlighting significant time savings and workflow improvements.

Who should choose

  • Professionals seeking to streamline meeting follow-ups and to-do list creation.
  • Teams looking to improve collaboration with easy-to-digest transcriptions and summaries.
  • Project managers and CEOs aiming to enhance meeting efficiency and overall productivity.
  • Marketing heads and other executives wanting to share minutes of the meeting promptly.
  • Anyone looking to manage their schedules more effectively and save time on administrative tasks.


Release Date

February 9, 2024




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