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Oatmeal Health leverages AI technology for early cancer detection, focusing on lung and breast cancer screenings for marginalized communities.

How Oatmeal Health can help you: 

  • Identifies high-risk patients for early cancer detection. 
  • Delivers comprehensive care navigation and radiology risk assessments. 
  • Utilizes AI/ML technologies for accurate screening and rescreening. 
  • Offers annual care navigation and transportation support for patients. 
  • Facilitates shared decision-making visits to confirm patient eligibility based on guidelines. 
  • Improves survivability rates through early-stage cancer detection. 

Why choose Oatmeal Health: Key features 

  • Specialized in AI-enabled cancer screening services. 
  • Dedicated care team to deliver continuous early detection cancer screening. 
  • Provides tech-enabled clinical services to increase survival rates and reduce healthcare costs. 
  • Partners with FQHCs and Health Plans to improve health of marginalized communities. 

Who should choose Oatmeal Health:

  • Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs). 
  • Health Plans looking to offer preventative lung and breast cancer screening services. 
  • Organizations aiming to improve healthcare accessibility and outcomes for underserved Americans. 

About Oatmeal Health

Release Date

March 20, 2024


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