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Onoco AI leverages unique baby data to forecast the optimal nap times, enhancing sleep patterns and development.

How Onoco AI can help you: 

  • Provides personalized nap time predictions for your baby. 
  • Improves sleep schedules based on individual sleep needs. 
  • Supports the development of healthy sleep patterns for babies. 
  • Offers notifications to prepare for nap times. 
  • Enables sharing across family profiles for consistent caregiving. 

Why choose Onoco AI: Key features 

  • Personalized wake window forecasting. 
  • Algorithm trained on over 1.5 million naps. 
  • Designed for children younger than 1 year. 
  • Optional notifications for upcoming nap times. 
  • User data helps to continually optimize the predictive engine. 

Who should choose Onoco AI:

  • Parents seeking a custom-tailored approach to their baby's sleep schedule. 
  • Families interested in leveraging AI to enhance their baby's sleep quality. 
  • Caregivers who desire a shared and synced platform for baby sleep tracking. 

About Onoco AI

Release Date

March 20, 2024


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