Paid is an AI-driven tool that simplifies the interpretation of customer feedback. It turns words into workable insights which assist businesses in understanding what their customers really want.

How Can Help You

  • helps you unveil hidden insights and sentiment from the feedback you receive. 
  • With deep context analysis, it helps you grasp complex insights from unstructured feedback data. 
  • It's an easier and time-saving method to get insights that would take numerous human hours to process manually.

Why Choose Key Features

  • comes with several exceptional features such as AI-Powered Analysis, Customizable Dashboards, Feedback Management, and Transparency Mode. 
  • Its adaptive learning capability enables the tool to grow smarter with use, and the transparency feature gives insights into what the algorithm sees and how it interprets data.

Who Should Choose

  • is best suited for businesses, marketers, and customer service agents who aim to deeply understand their customers' sentiments, needs, and preferences. 
  • If you receive large amounts of open-ended customer feedback that you want to analyze for sentiment and contextual insights, could be right for you.

About Opinionate

Release Date

February 9, 2024




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