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OtterTune utilizes artificial intelligence to fine-tune configuration settings, identify unnecessary indexes, and uncover SQL query anti-patterns for efficient database performance on Amazon RDS and Aurora. It is designed to assist a wide range of businesses in optimizing their databases regardless of their focus verticals. OtterTune features an intuitive interface with customization options, providing actionable insights and automated recommendations to enhance database health and performance.

How OtterTune can help you:

  • Accelerates database performance on AWS Aurora and RDS by up to 4 times.
  • Slashes AWS costs by up to 50%.
  • Offers recommendations for optimal configuration settings.
  • Identifies and eliminates unnecessary database indexes.
  • Provides SQL query improvement suggestions.
  • Delivers a comprehensive database performance and health score.
  • Allows for customizable tuning schedules to fit maintenance windows.
  • Enables optimization for specific business objectives such as latency and throughput.
  • Visualizes key metrics through customizable charts and reports.

Why choose OtterTune: Key features

  • Offers AI-driven optimization that outperforms default RDS settings and other tuning tools.
  • Simplifies database management, freeing up time for other development tasks.
  • Provides cost-saving benefits without compromising on database performance.
  • Features user-controlled tuning modes and schedules.
  • Gives in-depth insights with customizable charts and historical data analysis.

Who should choose OtterTune:

  • Businesses using AWS Aurora or RDS for their databases.
  • Companies without a dedicated data engineer or those seeking to reduce workload on existing engineers.
  • Organizations looking to improve their database performance while managing or reducing AWS costs.
  • Users who want to start with a free trial to test out the tool's capabilities.

About OtterTune

Release Date

February 9, 2024


Free Trial

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