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Auto-generate quality flashcards from your course notes or anywhere on the web!

How Paperclips can help you: 

  • Automatically creates flashcards from your course notes. 
  • Generates flashcards from any website content. 
  • Supports multiple export formats including Anki, Quizlet, CSV, and PDF. 
  • Works in any language, matching the language of your notes. 

Why choose Paperclips: Key features 

  • Easy to use with a straightforward interface. 
  • Enables learning in any language. 
  • Flexible export options to fit your study needs. 
  • Comes with Paperclips Web and Paperclips Copilot versions for varied usage. 

Who should choose Paperclips:

  • Students looking for a productive study aid. 
  • Educators wanting to provide additional resources for their students. 
  • Anyone interested in optimizing their study process with AI-generated flashcards. 

About Paperclips

Release Date

March 20, 2024


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