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PerfAI is an advanced AI-driven platform designed to automate every stage of API testing, from governance and contracts to releases, performance, and beyond.

How PerfAI can help you: 

  • Streamlines API testing, governance, and release processes. 
  • Ensures best practices for API design and implementation. 
  • Enhances scalability and performance of APIs. 
  • Automates detection of breaking changes for consistent API compatibility. 
  • Fosters faster and more efficient API versioning and changelog generation. 
  • Provides comprehensive test coverage and automatic test case generation.
  • Promotes proactive API performance testing for high-performance SLAs.

Why choose PerfAI: Key features 

  • Multiple AI models built on 70K public APIs. 
  • Support for all API architectures, including monolith, microservices, etc. 
  • AI-driven governance checks for consistent and enterprise-grade APIs. 
  • Database of API design best practices. 
  • Automatic version numbering and comprehensive release notes/changelogs. 
  • Industry-first API Test and Performance Top-10 lists for superior standards.

Who should choose PerfAI:

  • Developers and teams looking for efficient API testing automation. 
  • Organizations aiming to standardize API governance and performance. 
  • Businesses seeking faster API release cycles with consistent compatibility.

About PerfAI

Release Date

March 20, 2024


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