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Pixis develops codeless AI infrastructure to help brands scale all aspects of their marketing in a world of complex consumer behavior.

How Pixis can help you: 

  • Targets and expands audience reach through neural networks and predictive analysis. 
  • Generates and scales high-fidelity video and static assets with Generative AI models. 
  • Maximizes ROAS with automated bid and budget pacing through proprietary AI models. 
  • Reduces creative turnaround time, stabilizes CAC, and mitigates market fluctuations. 

Why choose Pixis: Key features 

  • Codeless AI infrastructure, easy to activate and manage. 
  • Real-time brand engagement and user behavior analysis for targeted marketing. 
  • Automated creative generation for persona-specific communication. 
  • Predictive modeling for performance optimization and CAC stabilization. 

Who should choose Pixis:

  • Marketing professionals looking to scale demand generation effectively. 
  • Brands aiming for higher ROI through targeted, real-time communication. 
  • Marketing teams in need of fast, efficient creative asset generation. 
  • Organizations seeking to leverage AI for predictive analysis and market trend adoption. 

About Pixis

Release Date

March 20, 2024


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