PlainScribe offers a user-friendly platform for users to upload large audio and video files for transcription or translation. The tool processes files up to 100MB without limits and provides a notification via email upon completion. A key feature includes the ability to search through the processed text easily and to download summaries and full results as needed. PlainScribe emphasizes flexible usage with a Pay-As-You-Go model where charges are based on the actual hours of audio or video transcribed. Privacy and data security are integral, with an automatic deletion policy after 7 days. The service boasts support for translating transcribed content into over 50 languages and offers convenient summarization for every 15 minutes of content to help users quickly capture the main points.

How PlainScribe can help you:

  • Transcribes audio and video files into text.
  • Allows easy searching within processed text.
  • Provides convenient downloading of summaries and full transcriptions.

Why choose PlainScribe: Key features:

  • Accepts large files up to 100MB for transcription and translation.
  • Notifies users via email once processing is complete.
  • Utilizes a Pay-As-You-Go billing model.
  • Maintains privacy and security by deleting data after 7 days.
  • Translates transcriptions into more than 50 languages.
  • Supplies summarized insights for every 15 minutes of transcribed content.

Who should choose PlainScribe:

  • Researchers, students, journalists, and professionals who handle large volumes of audio/video content.
  • Individuals who need a secure, cost-effective solution for transcribing and translating media.
  • Anyone requiring quick summaries and full transcriptions for insights or records.
  • Users who want to avoid data storage issues by automatically deleting files after a certain period.

About Plainscribe

Release Date

February 9, 2024




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