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PolyAI provides an advanced conversational platform for businesses to offer seamless customer experiences at scale. This AI-driven system supports natural dialogue, resolves over 50% of customer calls, and boosts satisfaction scores across 10 languages. It also generates revenue for call centers by increasing call containment and direct revenue through reservations. Integration enhances customer handling, improves metrics, boosts agent satisfaction, and provides actionable insights. Deployment is swift and secure, requiring minimal changes to existing systems. The platform offers enterprise-level features like security, compliance, integrations, and real-time analytics.

How PolyAI can help you:

  • Resolve customer inquiries naturally and around the clock.
  • Understand and react to complex customer demands efficiently.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Why choose PolyAI: Key features

  • Over 50% call resolution with multilingual support.
  • High customer satisfaction scores (85% CSAT).
  • Significant revenue generation from reservations and increased call containment.
  • Improvement in customer loyalty indicators like Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).
  • Reduction in operational costs and agent turnover.

Who should choose PolyAI:

  • Enterprises looking for state-of-the-art conversational AI.
  • Businesses seeking to improve customer experience at scale.
  • Companies across industries such as banking, healthcare, and hospitality.
  • Organizations aiming to modernize customer service without major tech stack changes.

About Poly AI

Release Date

February 9, 2024



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