Pronounce is an AI-powered text-to-speech tool designed with a primary goal of aiding users to master the pronunciation of words or sentences in over 40 languages. The tool converts written texts into speech, allowing users to hear how words are properly pronounced.

How Pronounce can help you: 

  • Incredibly useful in language learning and communication. 
  • If you're learning a new language, this tool can aid you in mastering the correct pronunciation. 
  • For non-native English speakers, it's a powerful utility to ensure clear and correct English communication. 
  • It's also useful for voice over artists, speakers and educators who need to pronounce words correctly.

Why choose Pronounce: Key features 

  • Easy to use, supports over 40 languages and is free. 
  • Provides phonetic transcription of the words, accommodating different learning styles. 
  • With instant turning of text into speech, users can hear and replicate the pronunciation immediately. 
  • Allows unlimited use, enabling users to learn at their own pace.

Who should choose Pronounce:

  • Ideal for language learners, non-native English speakers, translators, educators, speakers and voice-over artists. 
  • Can also be used by anyone keen on learning correct pronunciation of words in various languages.

About Pronounce

Release Date

February 9, 2024



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