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Report Card Comments AI is an innovative AI Writing Assistant tailored for educators who wish to establish a quality benchmark while crafting report card comments. By integrating a simple process of uploading a spreadsheet with student names and grades, the tool utilizes qualifiers and descriptive words to produce a well-written first draft that aligns with curriculum expectations. The tool pre-loads the K12 Ontario curriculum and accommodates other curricula through a text box input option, ensuring comments meet specific educational standards. Large language models enable the tool to produce text that adheres to character count limits set by school boards’ reporting software. The software encapsulates a design philosophy of being built by teachers for teachers, focusing on ease of use, time-saving features, and ensuring error-free drafts that significantly reduce the time educators spend on report writing.

How Report Card Comments AI can help you:

  • Automatically generate unique and personalized report card comments.
  • Produce a high-quality first draft of comments using an AI assistant.
  • Streamline the process by uploading student information via spreadsheet.
  • Customize comments to comply with various curricula, including the pre-loaded K12 Ontario curriculum.
  • Attain precise character counts to fit school reporting software requirements.

Why choose Report Card Comments AI: Key features

  • User-friendly interface with features like 'rephrase' and 'Max Character Count'.
  • Capability to export comments into a file for convenience.
  • Error-free writing that eliminates the need for grammar, spelling, pronoun, or gender corrections.
  • Free trial version available to test the software’s capabilities without commitment.

Who should choose Report Card Comments AI:

  • Teachers looking for a supportive tool to create quality report card comments.
  • Educators in provinces or states who need to adhere to specific curriculum expectations.
  • Any teaching professionals seeking to save time and reduce the stress associated with report card writing.

About Reportcardcomments

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February 9, 2024


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