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Rewind operates discreetly in the background, capturing your screen and audio to help manage your workflow efficiently. It ensures that user data remains private by storing all recordings locally. With Rewind, you can easily automate note-taking, backup your work, and use the AI assistant to handle various tasks like drafting emails and summarizing meetings. It uses GPT-4 to provide personalized assistance, integrating seamlessly with different platforms and providing a superpower to recall every detail without disrupting your activities. Rewind is especially optimized for Apple Silicon chips, ensuring minimal CPU usage and is designed with privacy as a top priority, allowing control over recording settings.

How Rewind can help you:

  • Automates note-taking and provides human-level summaries of meetings.
  • Records meetings without the need for bots and allows for easy sharing of summaries.
  • Offers a backup of work, reducing the risk of lost data due to system crashes.
  • Helps retrieve information quickly and recalls past interactions effortlessly.
  • Utilizes AI to draft emails, find details, and summarize tasks.

Why choose Rewind: Key features

  • AI-powered personal assistant with the capabilities of GPT-4.
  • Operates locally on your Mac for enhanced privacy and security.
  • Requires minimal CPU usage, optimized for Apple Silicon (M1/M2) chips.
  • Integrates with various platforms like Zoom, Meet, Teams without cloud dependencies.
  • Features efficient data compression to manage storage space effectively.

Who should choose Rewind:

  • Individuals seeking to enhance productivity and work efficiency.
  • Professionals who manage numerous meetings and require organized documentation.
  • Users who prioritize data privacy and want their information stored locally.
  • Anyone looking to harness AI for detailed recall and streamlined workflow.
  • Those operating on Apple devices, particularly those with Apple Silicon chips.

About Rewind AI

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February 9, 2024



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