Rizemail is a free email summarization service that uses AI to summarize and condense your emails and save you time, all from within your inbox. No installs required. Try it today by just forwarding an email!

How Rizemail can help you: 

  • Summarizes long email threads and newsletters quickly.
  • Helps clear inbox clutter by condensing commercial emails.
  • Ensures data security by deleting emails immediately after summarization.
  • Saves time by providing fast and efficient email processing.

Why choose Rizemail: Key features 

  • Free to use with up to 100 emails summarized per month per email account. 
  • Guaranteed privacy with no retention of emails or personal data.
  • User-friendly; simply forward an email to start.
  • Highly efficient, designed to save users significant time.

Who should choose Rizemail:

  • Individuals overwhelmed by their inbox.
  • Professionals looking to manage their time more effectively.
  • Anyone wanting a quick summary of long emails or newsletters.
  • Users concerned about privacy and data security.

About Rizemail

Release Date

March 20, 2024



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