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Search all of your sensor data in one place with Roboto, the first AI-powered data engine designed specifically for multi-modal sensor and log data.

How Roboto AI can help you: 

  • Streamline the process of searching through large volumes of sensor data. 
  • Analyze and transform sensor data more efficiently. 
  • Facilitate collaboration on sensor data analysis projects. 
  • Support for common data formats enhances accessibility and usability. 

Why choose Roboto AI: Key features 

  • AI-powered search functionalities for precise data retrieval. 
  • Natural language understanding for intuitive data queries. 
  • Developer preview for early access to new features and tools. 
  • Comprehensive data management capabilities to organize and manipulate sensor data effectively. 

Who should choose Roboto AI:

  • Data scientists and analysts dealing with sensor data. 
  • Developers working on applications that utilize multi-modal sensor and log data. 
  • Research teams requiring efficient tools for sensor data analysis. 
  • Organizations looking to enhance their data processing workflows for sensor-based projects. 

About Roboto AI

Release Date

March 20, 2024


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