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Slicker is a payment orchestration platform that fine-tunes your payment processors, creates optimal checkout scenarios, monitors transactions, generates financial reports, and reduces your vendor dependence.

How Slicker can help you: 

  • Improves payment success rates by fine-tuning your existing payment processors. 
  • Reduces transaction costs and vendor dependence, maximizing your top-line revenue. 
  • Enhances checkout experiences through modular integration, supporting local payment methods in preferred currencies.
  • Utilizes ML-powered routing for optimal payment service provider selection based on conversion trends.
  • Consolidates financial reports for better insights and anomaly detection. 

Why choose Slicker: Key features 

  • Modular payments infrastructure that integrates seamlessly with your existing payment setup. 
  • ML-powered insights for smarter decision-making regarding providers, payment methods, and checkout flows.
  • Support for local payment methods and multiple currencies. 
  • Financial data streamlining and anomaly monitoring for enhanced payment performance understanding.

Who should choose Slicker:

  • Retail businesses seeking to unify payment flows and enhance global checkout experiences. 
  • Digital platforms aiming to expand subscription services without losing funnel visibility.
  • Marketplaces and platforms needing to embed payments seamlessly for complex fund flows.

About Slicker

Release Date

March 20, 2024


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