SofaBrain is an innovative tool designed for interior designers, real estate agents, homeowners, and furniture stores. It offers the ability to transform property images into stunning, realistic, and visually appealing interiors within seconds. The software provides a selection of over 40 different interior design styles and allows users to customize spaces down to the smallest detail. With an AI model that offers design advice and instant visualizations, SofaBrain simplifies the design process saving time and money.

How SofaBrain can help you:

  • Rapid transformation of any room with results in just 10 seconds
  • Cost-effective alternative to traditional staging methods
  • Visualize design potential without any physical efforts
  • Personalize spaces with over 40 interior design styles
  • Convenient and detailed customization of furniture, colors, and textures
  • Access to smart room advice for optimal design solutions
  • Attractive for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts with a base of over 253,438 users

Why choose SofaBrain: Key features

  • Trust from over a quarter-million users and more than 1.3 million redesigned spaces
  • Quick and easy image upload and space transformation
  • A diverse array of styles catering to different tastes and preferences
  • AI-backed design that saves significant time and costs over traditional staging
  • Instant access to hundreds of design choices
  • Opportunity to test the software with 3 free renders, no credit card required

Who should choose SofaBrain

  • Interior Designers: for instant client presentations and improved project delivery
  • Real Estate Agents: to showcase the full potential of listings with contemporary designs
  • Homeowners: for redecorating homes efficiently with hassle-free visualizations
  • Furniture Stores: to modernize merchandise, enhance sales visuals, and impress customers

About SofaBrain

Release Date

February 9, 2024



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