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Soon Pulse is an advanced AI tool designed to revolutionize employee feedback collection and analysis.

How Soon Pulse can help you: 

  • Automates the feedback collection process. 
  • Provides valuable insights with zero manual effort. 
  • Delivers real-time visibility into team performance and sentiment. 
  • Identifies and resolves operational issues proactively. 
  • Supports employee wellbeing by monitoring team sentiment. 

Why choose Soon Pulse: Key features 

  • AI-generated reports and executive summaries. 
  • Fully customizable feedback questions and triggers. 
  • Anonymous and non-anonymous response options. 
  • Daily and weekly insight reports. 
  • Pre-built templates for quick setup. 
  • Individual response analysis for deeper understanding. 

Who should choose Soon Pulse:

  • HR professionals and team leaders seeking to improve feedback mechanisms. 
  • Companies looking to enhance employee engagement and satisfaction. 
  • Businesses aiming for data-driven decision making in HR operations. 

About Soon Pulse

Release Date

March 20, 2024


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