Free Trial

Free Trial

SoulGen is an AI Magic Tool to create stunning art from text or prompts. Get a FREE trial now and craft customized AI characters effortlessly.

How Soulgen can help you: 

  • Create unique art and character designs from text descriptions. 
  • Bring your dream characters to reality by uploading a reference photo for a lookalike creation. 
  • Use AI to edit images, add content, or remove unwanted elements with simple text prompts. 
  • Expand your creative possibilities through AI-powered outpainting to add new elements to pictures. 
  • Design a virtual soulmate or AI friend and interact through chat, voice, or video calls. 
  • Generate AI-created images in three easy steps for personal or commercial use, with unique result assurance. 

Why choose SoulGen: Key features 

  • User-friendly interface that simplifies the creation process. 
  • Capability to create art that can be used for commercial purposes. 
  • Produces unique, copyrighted free images based on user descriptions. 
  • Offers a free trial to explore its capabilities without immediate commitment. 

Who should choose SoulGen:

  • Artists and designers seeking to leverage AI for unique creations. 
  • Content creators needing customized characters or backgrounds for their projects. 
  • Businesses in need of unique art for marketing or promotional materials. 
  • Anyone interested in exploring the possibilities of AI in art and character creation. 

About Soulgen

Release Date

March 20, 2024


Free Trial


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