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Spectre is an AI-powered shutter for your iPhone, enabling stunning long exposures.

How Spectre can help you: 

  • Create amazing long exposures without the need for technical know-how. 
  • Erase crowds from touristy places with medium or long duration shots. 
  • Automatically switch modes at night for stunning light trails in cityscapes or light painting. 
  • Save the entire exposure process as a Live Photo, allowing you to replay the moment. 

Why choose Spectre: Key features 

  • Machine learning-based scene detection. 
  • Computer vision aided image stabilization for the sharpest images. 
  • Dark UI design that is gentle on the eyes for night shoots. 
  • One-hand usability, even on the largest iPhones. 

Who should choose Spectre:

  • Photography enthusiasts looking to explore long exposures with ease. 
  • Travelers wanting to capture unique, crowd-free images of tourist locations. 
  • Anyone interested in experimenting with light trails and night photography. 

About Spectre

Release Date

March 20, 2024


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