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AI boosted exercise platform. Try exercises generated with your selected story background.

How Turing.School can help you: 

  • Generate coding exercises with a creative story background. 
  • Design personalized exercises with AI assistance. 
  • Engage in coding challenges with unique scenarios. 
  • Utilize python in practical, story-based problems. 

Why choose Turing.School: Key features 

  • AI-generated content tailored to your interests. 
  • Support for various story backgrounds (funny, horror, sci-fi, magic). 
  • Interactive AI tutor for personalized learning. 
  • Focused on Python and list manipulation exercises. 

Who should choose Turing.School:

  • Students and educators looking for creative coding exercises. 
  • Programming enthusiasts interested in story-based learning. 
  • Anyone looking to improve their Python skills in an engaging way. 
  • Learners who prefer interactive and AI-assisted education tools. 

About Turing.School

Release Date

March 20, 2024


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