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Unlearn is a groundbreaking platform that turns to AI for creating what it calls Digital Twins of patient’s responses. Essentially, these models simulate patient trajectories during a clinical trial by taking into account their individual characteristics and health conditions.

How Unlearn can help you:

  • Unlearn aids in conducting efficient clinical trials. 
  • By creating precise digital replicas of patient responses, it can predict the outcomes of a clinical trial, hence helping stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry make an informed decision.

Why choose Unlearn: key features

  • Unlearn uses advanced AI techniques to create digital replicas of patient responses. 
  • It also provides data-driven insights that can reduce the number of patients required for a trial, making the process time-efficient and less expensive.

Who should choose Unlearn:

  • Unlearn is a practical tool for those in the pharmaceutical industry who aim to streamline and enhance the process of conducting clinical trials, especially researchers, Regulatory Affairs Managers, and Clinical Trial Managers.

About Unlearn

Release Date

February 9, 2024


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