unSkript is an innovative tool that provides proactive health checks to foresee and resolve issues within IT infrastructure before customers encounter them. Utilizing generative AI, unSkript is capable of automating the diagnosis and remediation process, maintaining a Human-In-Loop interface for control and oversight. The AI continuously learns from user interactions and incidents, improving its responses over time. The startup has recently raised significant funding and launched an AI-infused health platform tailored for software teams, aiming to reduce downtime with real-time intelligence and allow IT professionals to concentrate on more strategic work.

How unSkript can help you:

  • Perform proactive health checks to identify potential IT issues early.
  • Automate diagnosis and remediation, saving time on common issues.
  • Continuously improve operational efficiency through machine learning.

Why choose unSkript: Key features

  • Advanced AI for real-time troubleshooting and automated problem-solving.
  • User-friendly interface with Human-In-Loop control for ultimate oversight.
  • Propensity for continuous learning from past encounters to enhance future performance.

Who should choose unSkript:

  • IT and cloud operations teams seeking to minimize downtime and improve service quality.
  • Organizations aiming to shift from a reactive to a proactive stance in IT maintenance.
  • Software teams looking for intelligent tools to handle routine operational tasks efficiently.

About unSkript

Release Date

February 9, 2024




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