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Transform your content into knowledge with Upword, your AI-powered research assistant that simplifies and speeds up the process of gathering, summarizing, and organizing information.

How Upword can help you: 

  • Process and synthesize information up to 10 times faster. 
  • Summarize research papers, market reports, and news articles efficiently. 
  • Generate documents like reports and essays from summaries. 
  • Enhance productivity by seamlessly collaborating and sharing knowledge. 

Why choose Upword: Key features 

  • Advanced GPT-4 integration for personalized results. 
  • Unlimited storage for all your summarized content. 
  • Features like AI-highlighting, an audio player, and collaborative sharing options. 
  • Affordable pricing with a 7-day free trial option. 

Who should choose Upword:

  • Researchers looking to streamline their study process. 
  • Students who want to speed up their reading and comprehension for assignments. 
  • Professionals needing to rapidly process and summarize large volumes of information. 
  • Anyone interested in boosting their productivity with an AI-powered assistant. 

About Upword

Release Date

March 20, 2024


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