Welcome to VOYP, the app that puts the power of voice at your fingertips. With our intelligent assistant, powered by AI, you can book appointments and reservations on-the-go, all with the ease of simple voice commands.

How Voyp can help you: 

  • Make appointments and reservations simply by speaking or typing your request. 
  • Accessible through Web, Android, iPhone, or ChatGPT for convenience anywhere. 
  • Includes features for those with speech impairments, social anxiety, or other conditions for improved independence. 
  • Unlimited calls to selected locations around the world with a subscription plan. 
  • Option to select from a variety of languages and voices to suit your style. 

Why choose Voyp: Key features 

  • Powered by the latest Language Model and generative AI technologies. 
  • Context Assistant for providing detailed context to calls. 
  • Copilot feature for assistance when the AI does not know how to proceed. 
  • Efficient handling of tasks like booking reservations and making appointments through voice commands. 

Who should choose Voyp:

  • Individuals with speech impairments looking for easy communication solutions. 
  • People with social anxiety or conditions making phone calls challenging. 
  • Anyone needing to make appointments or reservations conveniently. 
  • Users who prefer voice commands for task management. 

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