YOUS's platform employs artificial intelligence to offer seamless, real-time translations during audio/video meetings, phone calls, and text chats. It aims to bridge the language gap in communication by providing accurate and cost-effective translation compared to human translators. With continuous learning algorithms, YOUS continuously improves its translation accuracy. The service ensures high security for all communications and provides a user-friendly experience through free sign-up and trial minutes, with additional minutes available through subscription plans.

How YOUS - Messenger with AI-based translator can help:

  • Break down language barriers in real-time communication
  • Conduct international meetings and calls with ease
  • Communicate securely with encrypted messages and data protection

Why choose YOUS - Messenger with AI-based translator: Key features

  • Supports 17 languages including Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, and more
  • Provides cost-effective translation services at 8x less cost than human translators
  • Utilizes continuous learning for improved translation accuracy
  • Features an AI-translator within audio/video meetings, phone calls, and chat messages
  • Offers transcription services converting speech to text in chats
  • Ensures security measures for data transfer and storage

Who should choose YOUS - Messenger with AI-based translator:

  • Individuals and businesses requiring multilingual communication
  • Users seeking reliable and secure real-time translation services
  • Organizations conducting international meetings and collaborations

About YOUS

Release Date

February 9, 2024



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